Video: Cloud for the “Missing Middle”

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Leo Reiter, CTO, Nimbix

Leo Reiter, CTO, Nimbix

In this video from the HPC User Forum in Tucson, Leo Reiter from Nimbix presents: Cloud for the “Missing Middle”.

“Nimbix is a pure high performance computing cloud built for volume, speed and simplicity. We give people the tools and the processing power to solve their biggest, toughest problems. We give you the freedom to imagine new possibilities, to test the limits of reality, and to model the future. For most workloads, Nimbix is far less expensive than building, running and maintaining your own supercomputer. It’s also more efficient at spinning up, executing, completing the job and delivering your results — which saves you time and money. And our user-friendly platform means you invest less in development and infrastructure.”

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