WorldQuant Ventures Invests in Cycle Computing

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CycleToday Cycle Computing announced that angel investment firm WorldQuant Ventures has invested in Cycle Computing. This is the company’s first outside investment.

We are excited to announce our investment in Cycle Computing,” said Steven Lau, Managing Director at WorldQuant Ventures. “Companies in the financial services industry are increasingly turning to computing resources to help meet business and regulatory needs. We believe Cycle Computing’s innovative cloud computing platform, along with the growing demand for computing services, provides an attractive investment opportunity for WorldQuant Ventures.”

WorldQuant Ventures’ investment allows Cycle Computing to expand access for financial services companies to flexible and affordable cloud-based computing solutions.

“Cycle Computing’s approach of providing analysts, researchers and engineers with easy access to unlimited compute power in a simple, managed process is changing the way companies approach cloud and innovation,” said Jason Stowe, CEO of Cycle Computing. “This partnership leverages WorldQuant Ventures’ experience and expertise to help us grow our company and meet a rapidly expanding market opportunity.”

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