Got Disruptive HPC Technology? Get Free Exhibit Space at SC16

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The Rex Computing Exhibit at the SC13 Emerging Tech Showcase eventually led to $1.3 Million in seed funding.

The Rex Computing Exhibit at the SC13 Emerging Tech Showcase eventually led to $1.3 Million in seed funding.

Do you have new technology that could disrupt HPC in the near future? There’s still time to get free exhibit space at SC16 in November.

At the SC16 Emerging Technologies Showcase, we invite submissions from industry, academia, and government researchers. Submissions will be evaluated on several criteria including their novelty and their potential impact on performance, productivity, power, reliability, and cost of HPC systems. Submissions with unique merit may be offered the opportunity to present at an Emerging Technology panel session. Each submission should describe the project scope in detail and provide references to external resources (newspaper articles, existing installations, web pages etc.). Additional materials, such as prototype photos are very welcome. Each project also needs to describe how much space it would require and how it would use the space provided (include any additional requirements such as A/V equipment or network connectivity).

In the Emerging Technologies track of the Technical Program, SC16 will examine innovative solutions that may significantly improve and extend the world of HPC in the next five to fifteen years. Consisting of carefully selected exhibits and presentations, Emerging Technologies will showcase technologies that are innovative from industry, government labs or initiatives, and academia but not yet available from industry as products. Technologies such as reconfigurable computing, new SoC designs, 3D memory technologies, non-volatile memory, alternative programming languages, and novel cooling techniques may offer medium-term benefits, while new device technologies such as carbon nanotubes, photonic interconnects, and chip-level optical interconnects as well as quantum computing and next-generation optical computers offer potentially paradigm-changing benefits over the longer term.

The SC16 Emerging Technologies Committee will select these technologies from submissions, based on a peer-review process with a single round of reviews. Successful projects will advocate future technologies with the potential to influence computing and society as a whole. Accepted submissions will receive free exhibit floor space in a high visibility location; this location will allow attendees the opportunity to witness technology demonstrations, see presentations, and hold in-depth technical discussions.

SC16 takes place November 13-18 in Salt Lake City. The Emerging Technologies Showcase is slated to run November 15-17.

Submissions are due July 31, 2016.

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