Avere Systems Teams with Cycle Computing for High Performance Multi-cloud Orchestration

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avereToday Avere Systems and Cycle Computing announced a technology integration that enables hybrid high-performance computing (HPC) in popular public cloud computing environments. By integrating the Avere vFXT Edge filer cloud bursting technology with Cycle Computing’s CycleCloud offering, users are now able to launch an Avere tiered file system on demand linked directly with the CycleCloud managed scalable compute nodes through cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Cycle Computing customers work with enormous data sets that require the easy and cost-effective compute power offered by the public cloud, but enabling access to the data has been a challenge,” said Rick Friedman, Vice President of Solutions and Marketing at Cycle Computing. “With Avere vFXT technology available within the platform, our customers now gain a cost-effective way to access all of the data they need while they optimize compute performance and scalability across one or even multiple cloud providers.”

The integration addresses a growing enterprise need for hybrid cloud solutions that enable organizations to seamlessly store data and run applications on premises or in the cloud with minimal latency and without moving large datasets from existing storage locations. The combined solution solves two of the biggest barriers to hybrid HPC adoption: automation of cloud resources and ubiquitous access to data from any storage location.

CycleAvere and Cycle bring together industry-leading technologies to enable the cloud to easily access, manage and orchestrate workflows while maintaining control of the data itself by allowing it to remain on premises. This is particularly important in HPC-intensive industries like life sciences, financial services analytics, and government research computing, where customers seek to run large compute grids in the cloud without moving their data.

The Avere vFXT Edge filers significantly improves cloud compute performance by caching the required data close to the compute nodes and avoiding latencies after the first read. Control over the data is maintained within owned storage systems while leveraging and scaling the compute capacity required for HPC workflows, such as those run by Cycle Computing customers.

Avere’s cloud bursting technology makes it easy for HPC customers to take advantage of massive cloud compute, removing critical limitations such as network latency and concerns of data security,” said Scott Jeschonek, Director of Cloud Product at Avere Systems. “The combined strength of Avere’s vFXT with Cycle Computing’s ability to easily manage cloud access, balance multiple providers, and orchestrate workflow is a powerful solution for compute-intensive workloads.”

To learn more about how Avere Systems integrates with Cycle Computing, see the demonstration here and plan to visit both companies at SC16 in Salt Lake City, Utah from November 14-17.