Video: Analysis of SSDs on SGI UV 300

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In this video from the 2016 HPC User Forum in Austin, Nikos Trikoupis from the City University of New York presents: Analysis of SSDs on SGI UV 300.


“We focus on measuring the aggregate throughput delivered by 12 Intel SSD DC P3700 for NVMe cards installed on the SGI UV 300 scale-up system in the City University of New York (CUNY) High Performance Computing Center (HPCC). We establish a performance baseline for a single SSD. The 12 SSDs are assembled into a single RAID-0 volume using Linux Software RAID and the XVM Volume Manager. The aggregate read and write throughput is measured against different configurations that include the XFS and the GPFS file systems. We show that for some configurations throughput scales almost linearly when compared to the single DC P3700 baseline.”

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