Allinea to Offer New Software Performance Briefings at SC16

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Mark O'Connor demonstrates Allinea Software

Mark O’Connor demonstrates Allinea Software

Today Allinea Software announced that the compay will hold series of New Software Performance Briefings at SC16. The briefings will be held at the Allinea booth #1508 in Salt Lake City.

This year at SC, we’re giving booth visitors the opportunity to find out more about what they don’t know about their software performance,” said Allinea CEO and Founder, David Lecomber. “We’ll focus on the common issues causing software inefficiency and show how the right steps and tools will speed up development and run-times in traditional and new areas of HPC and across platforms.”

Allinea will run a program of short taster briefings covering software development and performance themes including insight into:

• Deep Learning
• Intel’s Knights Landing Deployment
• Best Practice with continuous Integration and Regression Testing
• Optimizing CFD Simulations

Allinea is also contributing to other key aspects of the SC16 program, providing sponsorship and performance and debugging tools for the SC Student Cluster Competition participants and presenting at the Intel HPC Developer Conference and at HP-Cast.

Sign up for a briefing session at the Allinea Booth.

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