Allinea Tools Advance Research at VSC in Austria

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Allinea software is helping a cluster of Austrian universities to put the spotlight on code performance and modernization.

The Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC) will facilitate several leaps in computational research undertaken across its partner universities by deploying Allinea software tools for high performance software development and optimization. VSC is using the Allinea Forge combined debugger and profiler and the Allinea Performance Reports analysis tool to provide faster insight into code performance issues for students and researchers across consortium partner universities.

Science problems are becoming increasingly complex in all areas from physics and bioinformatics to engineering,” said Siegfried Hoefinger, High Performance Computing Specialist at VSC explains. “Bigger is better, but inefficiency will always limit what you can achieve. The Allinea tools will enable us to quickly establish the root cause of bottlenecks and understand the markers for inefficient code. By doing so we’re helping to prove the case for modernization, can start to eliminate inefficiencies and exploit latent capacity to its full effect.”

The new insight for code optimization has particular relevance for the professors involved in a consortium wide project at the facility called the VSC Research Centre and VSC School. The School recently formed to focus on promoting best practices for optimal code performance across partner universities in an attempt to enable more complex computation.This is the first Austrian initiative to tackle code efficiency on a national scale, through the work of the VSC partner universities including TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien), University of Vienna (Universität Wien), University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU Wien), Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) and University of Innsbruck (Universität Innsbruck) as well as the contributions of other Austrian Universities using the VSC.

We are delighted to be supporting VSC in providing better insight for its code optimization initiative and for its students and researchers who are faced with ever more challenging science,” said Allinea Founder & CEO David Lecomber. “Such a focus on performance will make a huge difference to the facility’s administrators, its users and importantly, their research results.”

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