COMSOL Speeds Multiphysics Modeling & Simulation

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comsolToday COMSOL announced updates to their software solutions for multiphysics modeling, simulation, app design and deployment. The latest update of the COMSOL software features major performance increases and the release of the Rotordynamics Module, which is now available as an add-on product to the Structural Mechanics Module.

The latest version of COMSOL software provides up to a 10x speedup for the handling of large models and mesh creation. A combination of a tetrahedral and swept mesh of a gas turbine is shown.

The latest update of the COMSOL software provides significant performance improvements compared to versions made available a year ago. The speedup is most notable with respect to the handling of models with several thousand domains and boundaries.

COMSOL is committed to continue its strive to deliver the most efficient and robust multiphysics environment for its wide range of products for electrical, mechanical, acoustics, fluid, thermal, and chemical simulations. “To fulfil this commitment, COMSOL’s development team ensures that each update of the COMSOL software provides more efficient solvers, meshing, and physics modeling functionality”, comments Bjorn Sjodin, VP of Product Management, COMSOL, Inc.

At the recent COMSOL conference, CEO Svante Littmarck showcased examples of how customers are leveraging simulation apps to enable company-wide usage of multiphysics simulation. “These case studies provide us with a first look at how our customers benefit from building and deploying simulation apps,” said Littmarck in his keynote presentation, “The Application Builder and COMSOL Server™ are the tools that organizations need in order to provide multiphysics for everyone.”

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