Job of the Week: Computational Chemist at Bennett Aerospace

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Bennett Aerospace in Missouri is seeking a Research Scientist and Computational Chemist in our Job of the Week.

Bennett Aerospace has an opening for a highly motivated Research Scientist and Computational Chemist for the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), Environmental Laboratory (EL), Environmental Processes Branch (EP-P) ) Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Team (EGSB) in execution of its mission. The candidate will be a Bennett Aerospace employee performing services for ERDC in Vicksburg, MS.

“The successful candidate will shall provide technical and applied research for the Military Program-funded Focus Area Project “Computational Chemistry Approach for Environmental Impact of Insensitive Munitions Compounds in Water, Arid- and Semi-arid Environments”, as well as the Civil Works Program-funded Project “Development of prototype ResistanceAlert, a computational biology-based early warning system of herbicide resistance for invasive aquatic plant management”, both of which shall be performed at the Vicksburg site of USACE-ERDC-EL. The overall objective of this work is to develop in silico methodologies for assessing and predicting adverse biological effects of chemicals of military concerns (CMCs) such as aquatic herbicides and insensitive munitions (IM). In the military project, the employee shall use molecular modeling tools and techniques to qualitatively and quantitatively characterize the interactions between chemicals and toxicity target biomacromolecules. In addition, the contractor shall build mathematic models that enables the prediction of toxicity for uncharacterized military unique compounds (e.g., new or emerging insensitive munitions). In the civil works project, the employee shall build homology models for the ALS-inhibitor-binding sites for three aquatic invasive species and predict any resistance-conferring mutations in the ALS genes. The data obtained from civil tasks shall be used for the development a novel tool named ResistanceAlert that enables the prediction of unknown resistance conferred by undocumented new mutations in the aquatic weed or algal populations subject to chemical control actions.”

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