Video: A Look at the National Strategic Computing Initiative

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Dr. Carl Williams

In this video from the IEEE Workshop on Rebooting Computing, Dr. Carl J. Williams, Deputy Director of the Physical Measurement Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology within the United States Department of Commerce, reviews the National Strategic Computing Initiative. Issued by Executive Order, the initiative aims to maximize benefits of high-performance computing research, development and deployment.

As a whole-of-Nation effort to sustain and enhance U.S. leadership in high-performance computing, the NSCI seeks to accomplish five strategic objectives in a government collaboration with industry and academia:

  1. Accelerate the successful deployment and application of capable exascale computing
  2. Ensure that new technologies support coherence in data analytics as well assimulation and modeling
  3. Explore and accelerate new paths for future computing architectures and technologies, including digital computing and alternative computing paradigms
  4. Holistically expand capabilities and capacity of a robust and enduring HPC ecosystem
  5. Establish an enduring public-private collaboration to ensure shared benefit across government, academia, and industry

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