European Exascale System Interconnect & Storage

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Peter Hopton, Founder and Technology Director at Iceotope

In this video from the HPC User Forum in Santa Fe, Peter Hopton from Iceotope presents: European Exascale System Interconnect & Storage.

“A new Exascale computing architecture using ARM processors is being developed by a European consortium of hardware and software providers, research centers, and industry partners. Funded by the European Union’s Horizon2020 research program, a full prototype of the new system is expected to be ready by 2018.”

exanestThe project, called ExaNeSt, is based on ARM processors, originally developed for mobile and embedded applications. Where ExaNeSt differs from Mont Blanc, however, is a focus on networking and on the design of applications. ExaNeSt is co-designing the hardware and software, enabling the prototype to run real-life evaluations – facilitating a stable, scalable platform that will be used to encourage the development of HPC applications for use on this ARM based supercomputing architecture.

“Iceotope is the home of cutting edge liquid cooling technology. Designed and manufactured in the UK, our patented technology delivers greater efficiency – occupying less space, creating less noise, demanding less cost and, crucially, consuming less energy.”

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