Adnan Khaleel on how Dell EMC Delivers HPC in the Cloud

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In this video from the Dell EMC HPC Community meeting, Adnan Khaleel, Global Strategist for HPC at Dell describes how the company works with partners to deliver HPC in the Cloud.

“The demands of today’s research environment are creating a strain on IT resources. Organizations like yours are experiencing both explosive growth in data from multiple next-generation research platforms and the computational challenges of complex modeling and simulation studies. Many are looking to the cloud to lease high-performance computing capabilities that supplement their existing IT capacity. By tapping into on-demand cloud resources as needed, your organization can access high-end computing power without the additional capital investment of building and maintaining your own HPC cluster.”

Dell provides technical expertise and optimized cloud computing resources to the commercial and academic research communities. Using our flexible service offerings and simplified business model, you can access on-demand HPC capability— when you need it, as you need it. This allows you to minimize time, maximize effectiveness and add value to your HPC results.

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