Nominate Your Customers for the 2017 HPC Innovation Awards

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Hyperion Research is seeking nominations for their 2017 HPC Innovation Awards.

High performance computing is a strong contributor to scientific advancement, industrial innovation, and the quality of human life. But few HPC success stories have been documented and quantified, and the relationship between investments in HPC and subsequent returns (ROI) is not well understood. Hyperion research (previously the HPC team at IDC) has launched a program to both collect this data and recognize noteworthy achievements using High Performance Computing (HPC) resources. We are interested in Innovation and/or ROI examples from today or dating back as far as 10 years. Please complete and submit a separate application form for each ROI / Innovation success story. Examples include the creation or rendering of a single movie, the design of a new car engine, the design of a new water pump, invention of a new process, etc. If your organization used HPC to help design 5 movies, or 10 car engines, or made 5 innovations, it would be great to get applications for each of them.

Submissions are due May 31, 2017 will be considered for the round of awards that will be announced at the ISC 2017 conference in June.

For questions on the award, please contact Kevin Monroe at:

Update on Hyperion Research:

We (the former IDC HPC team) are now fully in place at Hyperion Research and are doing all the HPC work as in the past, plus we have been funded to add a number of new in-depth research capabilities in these areas:

  • ML/DL/AI as part of expanding our HPDA practice
  • The evolution and expansion of clouds used for technical computing
  • Cyber security
  • Tracking HPC R&D programs and exascale around the world
  • The evolution of processors/coprocessors/GPUs in technical computing
  • Trends in storage and interconnects
  • How new users and organizations are learning how to apply HPC to their problems

In addition to the expanded research investments listed above, Hyperion is focusing user forums on these topics – in September they will focus on ML/DL/AI and how new users and organizations are learning how to apply HPC to their problems.

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