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RSC Group from Russia Brings Hot Water Cooling to HPC

Last week at ISC 2017, the Russian RSC Group showcased its ultra high-dense scalable and energy efficient RSC Tornado cluster solution as well as a full set of components for modernizing HPC systems to become 100% hot liquid cooling.

The RSC Tornado is based on 72-core Intel Xeon PhiTM 7290 processor has established the world computing density record for x86 architecture in 1.41 Petaflops per cabinet or over 490 Teraflops/m3.

The RSC Tornado solution based on Intel server processors has leading footprint and computing density (up to 153 nodes in one standard cabinet 80cm x 80cm x 42U), high energy efficiency and provides stable operation of computing nodes in ‘hot water’ mode with cooling agent temperature up to +65 °C at inlets of switching nodes and interconnects. Operation in ‘hot water’ mode enables all-year free cooling (24×365) using only dry coolers running at ambient air temperature up to +50 °C.

RSC specialists also introduced the world’s first 100% ‘hot water’ liquid cooled 48-port Intel Omni-Path Edge Switch 100 Series for high-speed interconnects (with up to 100 Gbps per port non-locking switching speed). Intel Omni- Path Architecture (Intel OPA) is a complex solution for high-speed switching and data transfer improving application performance in entry-level HPC clusters and large-scale supercomputer projects with minimum expenses. 48-port Intel OPA switch enables connection of 26% more servers than competing solutions with lower budget and power consumption reduced to 60% providing more energy efficient switching and system infrastructure.
RSC BasIS integrated software stack for cluster system management.

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