PSSC Labs to Power Biosoft Devices for Genetics Research

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Today PSSC Labs announced its work with Biosoft Integrators to provide powerful, turn-key HPC Cluster solutions for researchers in the biotech and genetic research fields.

Biosoft Integrators (BSI) works with researchers around the world to integrate laboratory technology platforms. With extensive experience in laboratory settings, the company’s founders realized that often equipment and software are poorly integrated and lack the functionality to work with each other, requiring researchers to manually transfer work and data between software and equipment. BSI provides researchers with greater efficiency and management by providing tools which unify the laboratory and laboratory informatics. BSI combines knowledge, experience and technology platforms to the biotechnology marketplace including the manually tracked lab to the fully automated and integrated consumer genomics facility.

PSSC Labs will work with BSI to create truly, turn-key HPC clusters, servers and storage solutions. PSSC Labs has already delivered several hundred computing platforms for worldwide genomics and bioinformatics research. Utilizing the PowerWulf HPC Cluster as a base solution platform, PSSC Labs and BSI can customize individual components for a specific end user’s research goals.

PowerWulf HPC Clusters are proven compatible with several genomics research platforms including both Illumina and Pacific Biosciences. Each solution includes the latest Intel Xeon processors, high performance memory, advanced storage arrays and fast networking topology. The PowerWulf HPC Clusters also include PSSC Labs CBeST Cluster Management Toolkit to help researchers easily manage, monitor, maintain and upgrade their clusters.

PSSC Labs was willing to work with us to design each HPC systems, even allowing our software engineers to work directly with personnel at their production facility to ensure each HPC platform was built to work with each individual research project,” said Stu Shannon Co- Founder and COO of BSI. “The performance and reliability of PSSC Labs’ products are amazing. Many of our clients are conducting research in remote regions in southeast Asia, where repairs to equipment is extremely difficult to perform, and since partnering with PSSC Labs’ the HPC systems have required little more than the occasional hard drive replacement.”

PSSC Labs’ PowerWulf HPC Cluster offers a reliable, flexible, high performance computing platform for a variety of applications in the following verticals: Design & Engineering, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Financial Services and Machine/Deep Learning. Prices for a custom built PowerWulf HPC Cluster solution start at $20,000.

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