Call For Research Papers: ISC 2018

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ISC 2018 has issued their Call for Research Papers.

Submissions are now open for the ISC 2018 conference research paper sessions, which aim to provide first-class opportunities for engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and government to present and discuss issues, trends, and results that will shape the future of high performance computing. Submissions will be accepted through Dec. 22, 2017. The research paper sessions will be held from Monday, June 25, through Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

The Research Papers Committee encourages the submission of high-quality papers reporting original work in theoretical, experimental, and industrial research and development. The ISC submission process will be divided into seven tracks this year.

Architectures & Networks

  • Future design concepts of HPC systems
  • Multicore / manycore systems
  • Heterogeneous systems
  • Network technology
  • Domain-specific architectures
  • Memory technologies
  • Trends in the HPC chip market
  • Exascale computing

Data, Storage & Visualization

  • From big data to smart data
  • Memory systems for HPC & big data
  • File systems & tape libraries
  • Data-intensive applications
  • Databases
  • Visual analytics
  • In-situ analytics

HPC Applications

  • Highly scalable applications
  • Convergence of simulations & big data
  • Scalability on future architectures
  • Workflow management
  • Coupled simulations
  • Industrial simulations
  • Implementations on SIMT accelerators

HPC Algorithms

  • Innovative algorithms, discrete or continuous
  • Algorithmic-based fault tolerance
  • Communication-reducing algorithms
  • Synchronization-reducing algorithms
  • Time-space tradeoffs in algorithms

Programming Models & Systems Software

  • Parallel programming paradigms
  • Tools and libraries for performance & productivity
  • Job management
  • Monitoring & administration tools
  • Productivity improvement
  • Energy efficiency

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Neural networks & HPC
  • Machine learning & HPC
  • AI and ML-oriented hardware
  • Towards benchmarks in ML
  • Performance Modeling & Measurement
  • Performance models
  • Performance prediction & engineering
  • Performance measurement
  • Power consumption

Submissions on other innovative aspects of high performance computing are also welcome. You will be asked to pick a primary and a secondary track from the seven above for your submission. Please refer to for full submission guidelines.

ISC 2018 takes place June 24-28 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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