HPC4Mfg Program Seeks New Projects

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The High Performance Computing for Manufacturing (HPC4Mfg) program in the Energy Department’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) announced today their intent to issue their fifth solicitation in January 2018 to fund projects that allow manufacturers to use high-performance computing resources at the Department of Energy’s national laboratories to tackle major manufacturing challenges.

Led by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory as strong partners, this HPC4Mfg solicitation will seek qualified industry partners to participate in short-term, collaborative projects that are designed to spur the use of national lab supercomputing resources and expertise to advance innovation in energy efficient manufacturing.

Selected industry partners will be granted access to High Performance Computing facilities and experienced staff at DOE national laboratories. The collaborations will address key challenges in U.S. manufacturing by apply modeling, simulation, and data analysis to manufacturing related of materials and processes with the intent to improve energy efficiency, increase productivity, reduce cycle time, enable next-generation technologies, test control system algorithms, investigate intensified processes, lower energy cost, and accelerate innovation.

Projects must demonstrate potential impact to energy efficiency in manufacturing and/or the development of new clean energy technologies with a potential for broad national impact. The HPC4Mfg program will solicit proposals in the following primary areas:

  • Proposals that require HPC modeling and simulation to overcome impactful manufacturing process challenges resulting in reduced energy consumption and/or increased productivity, and
  • Proposals that uniquely exploit HPC modeling and simulation to reduce energy consumption through improved clean energy technology design and clean energy manufacturing.

Eligibility for this program is limited to entities that manufacture products in the U.S. for commercial applications and the organizations that support them. Selected projects will be awarded up to $300,000 to support compute cycles and work performed by the national lab partners. Project durations are for one year. All DOE laboratories are eligible to participate in this program. The HPC4Mfg Program anticipates making multiple awards, subject to the availability of funding.

Advanced Manufacturing Office Partnership Map

The AMO Multi-Year Program Plan of manufacturing relevant technology challenges can be found here.

Download the notice of intent here. AMO plans to issue the funding announcement in January 2018 through the laboratory team of HPC4Mfg listed here.

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