RAID Inc. Unveils Xanadu 500 Storage Appliances

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Today RAID Incorporated announced “its most advanced storage series yet.” The Xanadu 500 series is designed to simplify and deliver high performance computing storage at an optimized price/performance ratio. With companies and organizations increasing their IT infrastructure to accommodate Big Data and Analytics at record magnitudes, it is imperative that their storage systems are appropriately sized. Therefore, choosing the right platform is critical for data efficiency.

Marc DiZoglio, CEO and Founder of RAID Incorporated, is eager for clients to be amazed, stating, “Our goal has always been to deliver time to results for our clients in our products. The Xanadu 500 does just this and covers a very broad based, high performance storage market with sustained performance of up to 15GB/second and over 450,000 IOPs per appliance.”

The benefits of the Xanadu 500 series are extensive. Because of its proficiency, the system drastically reduces the time spent on a task, thus resulting in reduced operating costs. The Xanadu 500 will allow your business to get more done in a workday than ever before, allowing you to maximize your company’s potential, growth, and earnings. With scalability, organizations have the luxury to start small with a pay-as-you-grow system. Additionally, the new series enables data to be archived in the cloud to save, distribute globally, and keep safe during disaster recovery.

The Xanadu 500 series will consist of 3 base products:

  • Xanadu 500 B: For block level connectivity
  • Xanadu 500 G: A full featured Spectrum Scale/GPFS appliance
  • Xanadu 500 L: A full featured Lustre appliance

RAID Inc. will showcase the Xanadu systems at booth #1707 at SC17 in Denver.

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