Moonshot Research Teams with Providentia Worldwide for HPC and Big Data Services for Industry

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Merle Giles, Moonshot Research

Today Moonshot Research and Providentia Worldwide announced an agreement to jointly offer business and technical services and consulting in the areas of high-performance computing and big data services. The Moonshot/Providentia team brings expertise in driving ROI in enterprise computing by focusing on best practices in HPC, cloud and enterprise IT.

I am absolutely delighted to work with the world’s experts in using HPC to achieve real-time analytics. Speed has become the ultimate competitive advantage in the world of technology-enabled products and services,” said Merle Giles, CEO of Moonshot Research. “The impact of utilizing our customer-first approach to industrial innovation and ROI are substantial.”

Ryan Quick and Arno Kolster of Providentia Worldwide are pioneers in adopting a hybrid approach to analytics, using techniques and software typically deployed independently in cloud, enterprise and HPC workflows. Their adoption of HPC solutions for real-time fraud detection at PayPal was unconventional, yet proved to be the perfect solution for achieving extreme data ingestion rates and rapid machine-driven decision making.

Giles brings a business sense to this mix of technology integration after proving the impact of his customer-first approach at NCSA’s Private Sector Program at the University of Illinois. Together, the Moonshot/Providentia team of experts offers independent, vendor-agnostic solutions that result in reduced time-to-solution, scale and increased certainty at less cost.

Arno Kolster (left) and Ryan Quick from Providentia Worldwide

Giles, Quick, and Kolster have each earned awards and recognition from the HPC community. All three are members of Hyperion Research’s HPC User Forum steering committee and have been invited speakers in numerous countries around the world. Giles was co-editor of a 2015 book entitled Industrial Applications of High-Performance Computing: Best Global Practices published by CRC Press.

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