Video: A Petascale HPC System at BASF

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Dr. Stephan Schenk is Head of HPC at BASF.

In this video from the DDN User Group at SC17, Dr. Stephan Schenk from BASF presents: A Petascale HPC System. At BASF, HPC supports research projects for a broad variety of applications, all powered by the company’s new supercomputer, QURIOSITY.

BASF’s strategic goal is to decisively take advantage of the enormous opportunities that digitalization offers along the entire value chain. In doing so, research and development play a key role when it comes to further increasing innovative strength and competitiveness by using new technologies. With 1.75 petaflops, our supercomputer QURIOSITY offers around 10 times the computing power that BASF currently has dedicated to scientific computing. In the ranking of the 500 largest computing systems in the world, the BASF supercomputer is currently number 71.”

QURIOSITY makes it possible to answer complex questions and reduce the time required to obtain results from several months to days across all research areas. As part of BASF’s digitalization strategy, the company plans to significantly expand its capabilities to run virtual experiments with the supercomputer. It will help BASF reduce time to market and costs by, for example, simulating processes on catalyst surfaces more precisely or accelerating the design of new polymers with pre-defined properties.

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