Hyperion Research Becomes Independent Company

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Steve Conway and Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research

Today Hyperion Research announced that it has completed an employee buyout and is now an independent company.

After separating from IDC earlier this year when IDC’s parent company was sold to China Oceanwide Holdings Group and IDG Capital, the former IDC high performance computing market analyst group has moved intact into an independent new company called Hyperion Research Holdings, LLC — the same name the well-known group used during the interim period when it was searching for a new U.S.-based owner.

Hyperion Research is now a sole proprietorship wholly owned by the HPC group’s longtime leader Dr. Earl C. Joseph, who serves as CEO of the new firm.

The team and I had discussions with many potential acquirers in recent months, but none of them would have given us the same freedom-of-action and growth potential we now have as an independent company,” Joseph said.

Hyperion helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment community make fact-based decisions on HPC-related technology purchases and business strategy.

The team will continue all the worldwide activities that have made it the world’s most respected HPC industry analyst group for more than 25 years,” said Steve Conway, senior vice president of research. “That includes sizing and tracking the global markets for HPC and high-performance data analysis (HPDA). We will also continue offering our subscription services, customer studies and papers, and operating the HPC User Forum.”

“Newer research areas we’ve been tracking heavily include artificial intelligence, HPC cloud computing and quantum computing,” added Bob Sorensen, vice president of technology and research. “Interest in these areas is sky high and we’ve been helping government, university and commercial clients with their strategies.”

Joseph said he’s especially excited that during the eight-month period between Hyperion’s separation from IDC and the formation of the new company, not a single client left Hyperion. “In fact, our business continued growing to the point where we recently hired two more people, analyst Alex Norton and our former IDC colleague Kurt Gantrish as a second sales counterpart to Mike Thorp.” Joseph said the firm plans to add more analysts to address expected demand.

On behalf of our entire team,” Joseph said, “I deeply thank IDC for making it possible for us to continue the HPC business practice we all worked so hard to build while at IDC.”

Hyperion Research will continue to host meetings of the HPC User Forum, with the next U.S. meeting coming up April 16-18 in Tucson, Arizona.

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