How AI is Reshaping HPC

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Karl Freund is an HPC and AI analyst at Moor Insights.

In this video from the NVIDIA booth at SC17, Karl Freund from Moor Insights presents: How AI is Reshaping HPC.

“Researchers have begun putting Machine Learning to work solving problems that do not lend themselves well to traditional numerical analysis, or that require unaffordable computational capacity. This talk with discuss three primary approaches being used today, and will share some case studies that show significant promise of lower latency, improved accuracy, and lower cost.”

Karl Freund has spent his career leading organizations in the server and semiconductor industries, working at HPE, IBM, CRAY, SGI, Calxeda, and AMD. Most recently, as the General Manager of AMD’s HPC business, he became fascinated by the potential of Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence to improve our lives and businesses. Now at the analyst firm of Moor Insights & Strategy, he helps clients understand and communicate the potential of Deep Learning and HPC.

Karl holds a bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in Applied Mathematics, and a Masters of Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Download the Moor Insights white paper: Intersection of HPC and Machine Learning.

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