Converging HPC, Big Data, and AI at the Tokyo Institute of Technology

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In this video from the NVIDIA booth at SC17, Satoshi Matsuoka from the Tokyo Institute of Technology presents: Converging HPC and Big Data / AI at Tokyo Tech: TSUBAME 3.0 and AIST ABCI.

The TSUBAME3 supercomputer at Tokyo Institute of Technology became online in Aug. 2017, and became the greenest supercomputer in the world on the Green 500 at 14.11 GFlops/Watt; the other aspect of TSUBAME3, is to embody various BYTES-oriented features to allow for HPC to BD/AI convergence at scale, including significant scalable horizontal bandwidth as well as support for deep memory hierarchy and capacity, along with high flops in low precision arithmetic for deep learning. TSUBAME3’s technologies are commoditized to construct one of the world’s largest BD/AI focused open and public computing infrastructure called ABCI (AI-Based Bridging Infrastructure), hosted by AIST-AIRC (AI Research Center), the largest public funded AI research center in Japan, at 550 AI-Petaflops, with acceleration in I/O and other data-centric properties desirable for accelerating BD/AI, to be online 1H2018.”

Satoshi Matsuoka has been a Full Professor at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (GSIC), a Japanese national supercomputing center hosted by the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and since 2016 a Fellow at the AI Research Center (AIRC), AIST, the largest national lab in Japan, as well as becoming the head of the joint Lab RWBC-OIL (Open Innovation Lab on Real World Big Data Computing) between the two institutions, in 2017. He is the leader of the TSUBAME series of supercomputers, and has won the 2014 IEEE-CS Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award, the highest prestige in the field of HPC.

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