Koen De Bosschere receives ACM SIGARCH Alan D. Berenbaum Distinguished Service Award

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Today ACM announced that Koen De Bosschere from HiPEAC has won the Alan D. Berenbaum Distinguished Service Award. Recognized for outstanding service in the field of computer architecture and design, Professor De Bosschere was nominated for structuring and connecting the European research community in computer architecture and compilation.

Leading the HiPEAC community, contributing to the HiPEAC Vision and observing the its impact has always been a very rewarding experience for me,” said De Bosscher. “I feel very honored to receive the Alan D. Berenbaum Distinguished Service Award and I would like to dedicate it to all our members and the staff, without whom there would be no HiPEAC.”

In 2008, Koen De Bosschere took over the leadership of the HiPEAC network. Under his leadership, the network transformed from a small academic network into the largest such network in Europe, engaging around 2,000 computing experts and organizing major annual events like the HiPEAC conference and the ACACES summer school. Professor De Bosschere strongly believes in the power of networking and collaboration and in the importance of investing in young talent. He has also been involved in co-editing the biennial HiPEAC Vision, the project’s roadmap document, since its inception in 2008. The HiPEAC roadmap has become one of the key strategic documents steering the European research agenda in computing systems.

Professor De Bosschere was nominated by Professor Lieven Eeckhout, who comments: “I’m so proud that the Distinguished Service Award got granted to Koen, my former PhD advisor and life-time mentor. Koen really brought the systems community together in Europe, creating critical mass and putting systems research on the map in Europe. This has had massive impact at the political level with significantly increased funding for systems research in Europe. Koen’s very generous and effective service work has had tremendous impact on many students and researchers in Europe and beyond.”

The ACM SIGARCH Alan D. Berenbaum Distinguished Service Award is presented annually at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture. This year Koen De Bosschere accepted the award at ISCA 2018, the 45th International Symposium on Computer Architecture in Los Angeles. He is the first European to receive this award.

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