New Portal to help Democratize Simulation

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Today a new web portal called was launched to support a growing industry-wide movement to make engineering simulation more accessible, efficient, and reliable; not just for CAE experts but also for non-specialists – the “Democratization of Simulation” to accelerate innovation.

Extending simulation across the entire product development team is critical for today’s compressed product cycles,” said Rev-Sim.Org Co-Founding Principal, Malcolm Panthaki. “When it takes days or weeks of experts’ time to analyze a design iteration, it is hardly surprising that CAE has not achieved its potential impact on product development. The faster and more automatically new designs can be analyzed by experts and non-experts, the more alternatives can be considered.” was developed to fuel this democratization movement. This public website provides educational resources and builds a collaborative community to help significantly increase the value of a company’s simulation (CAE) investments through the Democratization of Simulation. Through Democratization, an organization’s experts will put the power of simulation safely and robustly into the hands of non-experts including designers, junior engineers and even those on the sales front.

The Revolution in Simulation initiative (aka, Rev-Sim) is a collaborative effort among simulation experts, industry end-users, and solution providers, sharing a mission to create an open community to access and share useful, vendor-agnostic information. The portal provides end-users with knowledge and solutions for democratizing simulation – Revolution in Simulation is not yet another forum to market products and services.

The website provides access to the latest success stories, news, articles, whitepapers, thought leadership blogs, presentations, videos, webinars, best practices and other reference materials to help industry democratize the power of simulation across their engineering, manufacturing, service, supply chain, and R&D organizations. Site visitors are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussions with industry peers and moderators who are identified by their subject matter expertise and to contribute to this community effort. There is also access to simulation specialists, industry organizations, and special interest discussion groups, along with software and consulting service providers, to accelerate the return on a company’s simulation investments.

About RevolutionInSimulation.Org

Democratized Simulation makes analysis more powerful and capable for CAE experts while accessible, safe and reliable for non-experts. RevolutionInSimulation.Org is a public resource center containing information related to a movement gaining momentum throughout the simulation world – the Democratization of Simulation. Here, you’ll access the latest news, articles, presentations, videos, webinars, success stories and related materials. You’ll also have access to industry experts, organizations, and service and software providers who can help you leverage this revolution and maximize the ROI of your simulation investments.

Revolution in Simulation acknowledges and thanks our founding sponsors – ASSESS, Comet Solutions, EASA, ESRD, Front End Analytics, NAFEMS, PLM Alliances, VCollab – who are demonstrating their revolutionary market leadership by supporting the initiative with their expertise, time and funding to the development of the Rev-Sim website.

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