Agenda Published: High Performance Machine Learning Workshop in France

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The High Performance Machine Learning Workshop (HPML 2018) has posted their speaker agenda.

This workshop is intended to bring together the Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC) communities. In recent years, much progress has been made in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in general. This progress required heavy use of high performance computers and accelerators. Moreover, ML and AI have become a “killer application” for HPC and, consequently, driven much research in this area. These facts point to an important cross-fertilization that this workshop intends to nourish. We invite researchers and professionals to take part in this workshop to discuss the challenges of Machine Learning, AI and HPC, and share their insights, use cases, tools and best practices. HPML is held in conjunction with the 30th edition of SBAC-PAD. SBAC-PAD is an international conference on High Performance Computing started in 1987 in which scientists and researchers present recent findings in the fields of parallel processing, distributed computing and computer architecture.

Speakers include:

  • José E. Moreira. IBM Research
  • Bryan Catanzaro, NVIDIA
  • Marisol Monterrubio-Velasco, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
  • Shirin Tavara and Alexander Schliep, University of Boras, University of Gothenburg
  • High Performance Ensembles of Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine for Regression and Time Series Forecasting
  • Luís F. L. Grim and André L. S. Gradvohl, University of Campinas

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