Optimizing Performance with the Dell EMC AI & HPC Innovation Lab

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In this video from the Dell EMC HPC Community meeting, Onur Celebioglu describes his work at the Dell EMC AI & HPC Innovation Lab.

High performance computing gives you the power to break new ground, make important discoveries, and solve some of the most important challenges of our time. But there are always bigger questions — and bigger data sets — on the horizon, requiring enhanced HPC solutions to keep pace with the speed of innovation. That’s why Dell EMC is committed to enabling more organizations in industry, research, government and education to use HPC solutions for more innovations and discoveries than any other HPC systems vendor in the world. This passion for innovation has helped make us an industry leader in HPC clusters, storage, networking and software. We’ve built a nexus of communication and collaboration in the industry, exemplified by the Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab in Austin, Texas.

The Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab encompasses a 13,000‐square‐foot data center devoted to HPC and AI. It houses thousands of servers, a TOP500 cluster, sophisticated storage and network systems. But the lab is more than world‐class infrastructure. Bringing together HPC operational excellence and expertise, it is staffed by a dedicated group of computer scientists, engineers and Ph.D. subject matter experts who actively partner and collaborate with customers and other members of the HPC community. The team gets early access to new technologies, integrates and tunes high‐performance compute clusters, benchmarks applications, develops best practices, and publishes white papers.

When you engage with the lab, you will work directly with these Dell EMC experts to design an HPC solution for your unique HPC workloads. The opportunity to develop and test your configuration with an expert team prior to deployment reduces risk, and because your HPC system is tuned for optimized performance from day one, your team can get to research faster. And that means your organization can recognize a better return on HPC investments.

The Dell EMC HPC Community is a worldwide technical forum that fosters the exchange of ideas among researchers, computer scientists, technologists, and engineers and promotes the advancement of innovative, powerful HPC solutions. The next Dell HPC Community Meeting takes place at SC18 in Dallas.

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