Video: Introduction to HPC on the Google Cloud Platform

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In this video from Google Next, Emma Haruka from presents: Introduction to High Performance Computing on Google Cloud Platform.

“Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is ready for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. Google Compute Engine (GCE) offers flexible network and virtual machine (VM) configuration options to run HPC workloads. This session explores why GCP is a good place to run HPC applications and save money. Topics will include CPU, GPU, and memory offerings, as well as underlying network architecture, preemptible VMs, and storage options. You will also learn how Google designs their cloud infrastructure and why it works for HPC workloads.”

Emma Haruka is a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform, focusing on application developers’ experience. She is trying to make Cloud adorable for everyone through events, demos, and online content. Emma was a site reliability engineer at a mobile game company before coming to Google. Besides software engineering, she likes games, traveling, and eating delicious food.

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