Bright Cluster Manager Prepares for Exascale at SC18

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Today Bright Computing announced its plans for delivering exascale cluster management software in the first half of 2020. Exascale computing systems represent the next milestone in high performance computing. They represent a thousandfold increase in performance over the first petaflop systems and will be capable of executing at least one exaflop, or a quintillion (1018) floating point operations per second.

Bright’s exascale-capable version of Bright Cluster Manager is designed to support 100,000+ nodes. The company began delivering enhancements towards exascale in 2016 with features such as dedicated provisioning nodes, and a new monitoring subsystem designed for extreme scale. Current development work includes dedicated monitoring nodes, hierarchical object rendering in the Bright UI, optimized API communication patterns, and exascale simulation testing.

Among the top ten technical challenges facing the development of viable exascale systems are energy efficiency, scalable system software, and scientific productivity. Bright Cluster Manager software is designed to help solve problems in all of these areas.

Our software’s ability to monitor a cluster’s health and quickly identify problems ensures clusters remain online and functioning effectively,” said Martijn de Vries, CTO at Bright Computing. “Its ability to scale to over 100,000 nodes will enable our partners to develop exascale supercomputers that take advantage of Bright Cluster Manager’s powerful management capability and ease of use at scale never before seen.”

By making Bright Cluster Manager exascale-ready well before the first systems are scheduled for delivery, Bright’s partners and customers will be able to take advantage of Bright’s advanced management and monitoring capabilities to ease their system development and testing efforts, accelerate deliveries and create systems with less administrative burden.

Bright Cluster Manager automates most of the procedures involved in building and running clusters,” said Robert Stober, Director of Product Management at Bright Computing. “The ease of management that our software provides increases the productivity of computational scientists by providing them with the power tools they need to effortlessly keep their computing systems running smoothly.”

Bright will be providing additional details in booth #3025 at SC18 in Dallas.

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