Development Tools are More Important Now Than Ever

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Today’s developers face new and difficult challenges. They must navigate evolving architectures. They need to find optimal ways to integrate heterogeneous software. They must also create applications with the flexibility to run anywhere, including the Cloud. In this video, Sanjiv Shah, Vice President of the Core Visual Computing Group, and General Manager of Technical, Enterprise, and Cloud Computing Software Tools at Intel offers his perspective on the evolving nature of the developer’s role, and the latest resources to address persistent issues in application coding.

Developers have unique needs depending on their focus area. Domain specialists often take a higher-level view of problem-solving applications, while tuning experts seek a deep understanding of applications to maximize performance from the underlying architecture. Intel® Parallel Studio XE platform. This software development package offers libraries, analysis tools, and support for varied parallel programming models. Intel Parallel Studio XE supports multiple programming languages including Fortran, C, C++, and Python. For Python developers, Intel libraries help coax the greatest performance from data-centric applications.

Programmers also depend on compilers to assist with application tuning. While compilers cannot automate every aspect of application optimization, enhanced debugging information can help developers identify and solve code issues more quickly. Intel® Advisor offers one such design aid which assists in finding key areas where vectorization, memory tuning, or threading can offer application performance benefits. Augmenting Intel Advisor, Application Performance Snapshot offers an additional tool to help developers in the complex process of pinpointing software bottlenecks and remediating them more rapidly.

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