Video: ECP Launches Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack 0.1 Beta

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Last week at SC18 in Dallas, the Exascale Computing Project released a portion of the next version of collaboratively developed products that compose the ECP software stack, including libraries and embedded software compilers.

Mike Heroux, ECP Software Technology director, said in an interview at SC18 that the software pieces in this release represent new capabilities and, in most instances, are highly tested and quite robust, and point toward exascale computing architectures. Further, he emphasized that of key importance was the fact that an integrative approach had consolidated the products under one umbrella, allowing them to be built together very seamlessly.

Video Notes:

  • A portion of the ECP software stack [0:37]
  • New capabilities [1:12]
  • The products [1:57]
  • Release cadence [2:54]
  • Forthcoming enhancements [3:24]
  • Development on laptops and desktop systems [3:38]
  • Integration is key [4:15]
  • Next Capability Assessment Report scheduled for January 1st [4:51]
  • Intended for use by the broader HPC community [5:31]
  • Website for the release [6:19]
  • Release is first of many [6:47]

The current release, Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) Release 0.1, is available at

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