Job of the Week: HPC Software Developer at the HDF Group

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The good folks at the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) Group in Champaign, Illinois is seeking an HPC Software Developer in our Job of the Week.

The HDF Group provides a unique suite of technologies and supporting services that facilitate the management of large and complex data collections. Its mission is to develop, advance and support HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) technologies and ensure long-term access to HDF data. As a non-profit organization, HDF Group contracts to provide customized consulting, software development, and advanced support services to organizations with challenging data-management requirements. HDF technologies are used in virtually every industry and scientific domain to meet mission critical data management needs. Examples of the uses of HDF technologies include understanding global climate change, special effects in film production, flight testing, weather prediction, viewing medical images, analyzing DNA, designing vehicles, simulating thermonuclear explosions in space, and volcanology.

The HPC Software Developer will develop software for the Hierarchical Data Format v5 (HDF5) library and tool suite. Responsibilities will include enhancing the HDF5 library with additional features such as: sophisticated caching techniques, asynchronous file I/O, self-tuning storage optimizations, advanced multi-thread/multi-process/multi-client file access techniques, cluster and parallel file system interaction optimizations to deliver the highest performance possible to users of HDF5. Parallel and distributed I/O in high performance computing environments using MPI and MPI-IO will be the primary focus of this position. Interest and experience with project management is preferred. Some travel to client sites and to workshops and conferences may be required.

Essential Job Functions and Key Responsibilities

  • Assist in design and analysis of requirements
  • Design and implement HDF5 library features and tools
  • Fix software bugs in the HDF5 library and tools.
  • Write requirements and design documents, document code and features, and write other reports as needed.
  • Provide a strong voice in development/debugging priorities.
  • Experiment with new technologies relevant to the area of development; recommend improvements to techniques, procedures or other aspects of technical development.
  • Assist in determining appropriate methods for release of software, including scheduling and documentation of the release.
  • Provide input for preventing future problems as well as incorporating solutions to current concerns.
  • Possibly take responsibility for project leadership, including staff supervision, work with customers, and project management.
  • Provide user support that cannot be provided by Technical Support staff.
  • Help increase the popularity and acceptance of the software by supporting quality development, user support and outreach activities.
  • Attend technical conferences as requested.
  • Assist staff responsible for training users, and as needed, prepare and present demonstrations of the current technology at conferences, workshops and to visitors of The HDF Group.

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