XTREME-D IaaS Platform Works to Simplify HPC Cloud Cluster Management

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IaaS platform

This sponsored post looks at how High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Analytics (DA), and Deep Learning (DL) applications are pushing the envelope of technology, offering leading edge capabilities to both researchers and scientists.

IaaS platform

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But with these new technologies comes more and more work and processes, and these same scientists and tech minds need more bandwidth and time to address these technologies and new approaches.

That said, they might simply not have the time. And that’s where Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) comes into play.

According to a new white paper from XTREME-D, its Iaas platform, or cluster portal, helps “keep the user out of the cluster management business.”

Using a web-based interface, users can build HPC/DA/DL clusters in both private and public clouds (i.e., Azure and AWS) in as li‚ttle as 10 minutes.

XTREME-D’s XTREME-DNA works to simplify the HPC cloud cluster management business, while the XTREME-Stargate platform, or HPC cloud clusters platform, acts as an on-prem device that provides secure and fast access to bare-metal clusters that are configured using enhanced XTREME-DNA technology.

First, XTREME-DNA builds an HPC environment in a short time on the public cloud developed and sold by XTREME-D and automates its operation. The next step — XTREME-Stargate — creates an occupied or shared HPC environment on its own bare metal cloud and automates it until operation.

See the full white paper for a ‘walking tour of XTREME-Stargate.’

The new white paper from XTREME-D, “Point and Click HPC: The XTREME-Stargate IaaS Platform.”, explores how the Stargate platform can increase user efficiency, eliminate cluster administration costs and acts as a “pay-as-you-go” cloud model, simplifying HPC cloud clusters and making them more accessible.

The platform is built around the concept of “high performance, not high maintenance.” When you think of HPC, often, images of server racks, networking, system admin and more come to mind, which can certainly be overwhelming. But the growth of scalable data analytics and deep learning have “widened the playing field for typical users of cluster computing.” According to the new report, what simplifies the move to cloud computing is keeping the end user closer to the application, with less wasted time, and should be a priority in the HPC, DA and DL spaces.

The XTREME-Stargate gateway is a physically small set-top Linux appliance that provides a web portal to cluster resources.

To address this challenge, XTREME-D first offered the industry XTREME-DNA. According to the report, XTREME-DNA works by using HPC templates that describe how the cluster and application are to be configured.

The next step in XTREME-DNA’s evolution was to place the cluster “head node” in a local gateway appliance (re. XTREME – Stargate).

“Ideally, the Stargate appliance is located on your premises and provides secure access to offsite bare metal HPC cluster platform,” the report states.

As to who should use XTREME-Stargate, the Web-portal was developed to bring more features, performance, and larger-scale functionality to HPC and enterprise customers.

In the new white paper, explore the following topics:

  • High Performance, Not High Maintenance
  • Point and Click HPC: XTREME-DNA
  • Secure Baremetal Performance: XTREME-STARGATE
  • Who Should Use XTREME-Stargate?
  • A Walking Tour of XTREME-Stargate
  • Ease of Use Translates to ROI

See the new white paper from XTREME-D, “Point and Click HPC: The XTREME-Stargate IaaS Platform,” to learn more about the company’s IaaS platform.