Podcast: How Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration is Simplifying HPC & AI

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Dr. David Ellison is a Senior Artificial Intelligence Data Scientist in the HPC Business Unit at Lenovo.

In this Intel on Ai Podcast, Dr. David Ellison from Lenovo describes the Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration (LiCO).

Dr. Ellison explains how LiCO accelerates artificial intelligence training and traditional high performance computing (HPC) deployment by providing a single software solution that simplifies resource management and the use of a cluster environment. He discusses an exciting real-world deployment where data scientists use LiCO to help analyze satellite images of crop fields to drive drought prevention and increase food security. Another deployment Dr. Ellison highlights is the use of LiCO to help evaluate assembly line product quality implementing computer vision to detect product defects or damage in real time. Dr. Ellison also talks about the great collaboration that Lenovo and Intel are doing through the Intel AI Builders program leveraging resources to help drive software optimizations and improve AI workload performance.

Currently, much of the AI development using deep learning method makes use of open source software frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, MxNet, etc., whereas enterprise IT experience is mostly with packaged software applications, which are easy to manage. Adding further complexity is the need to support multiple developers using various frameworks and versions to accomplish the same task. In this context, enterprises need supporting development tools to leverage open source effectively. The award-winning Lenovo Intelligent Computing Orchestration simplifies AI development by efficiently managing cluster resources, open source frameworks and typical AI workflows.

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