SingularityPRO comes to Google Cloud

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Today Sylabs announced a multi-phase collaboration with Google Cloud as a technology partner. Aimed at systematically addressing enterprise requirements in a cloud-native fashion, the first phase of the collaboration will be based upon availability of Sylabs’ SingularityPRO via the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace.

The user, developer, and provider community has truly embraced Singularity,” stated founder and Sylabs CEO Gregory Kurtzer, who also previously founded CentOS Linux, Warewulf, and other open source projects. “At this point, we have a vibrant, engaged community that is not only making use of the software, but contributing to it in a number of ways. Just like Singularity itself, SingularityPRO is born of a need — a need expressed to Sylabs by those enterprise customers with some of the most demanding use cases emerging from compute-driven workloads such as deep learning and compute-driven analytics. Because many of those same customers seek to make use of our enterprise hardened and secure containers in the cloud, we are delighted to be offering SingularityPRO via the GCP Marketplace.”

Derived from the open source Singularity Community code base, SingularityPRO is a container platform hardened and secured specifically for customers with compute-driven workloads typical of TEPC use cases. Singularity is a widely adopted container runtime that implements a unique security model to mitigate privilege escalation risks, and provides a platform to capture a complete application environment into a single file. Aligned with the demands of the enterprise, SingularityPRO delivers support, enhanced stability, and security through a long-term support model.

Singularity containers introduce a highly mobile image format that ensures immutability and reproducibility. With community adoption numbering some 40,000 users who run many millions of applications containerized by Singularity per day, SingularityPRO is a natural fit as an enterprise-grade, professionally supported offering. With the rapid expansion of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and compute-driven analytics, Sylabs is qualified to provide the SingularityPRO offering.

SingularityPRO is immediately available on the GCP Marketplace.

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