XTREME-Stargate G2 Service to offer Next-gen cloud Supercomputing for AI

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Today Cloud HPC company XTREME-D today announced the official release of XTREME-Stargate G2, what it calls “next-gen cloud supercomputing for AI” with Intel’s latest CPU.

Announced in October, XTREME-Stargate has an increasing number of early adopters among commercial companies, national laboratories, and academia. The device provides High Performance Computing and graphics processing and is cost effective for both simulation and data analysis.

Now in its second generation, XTREME-Stargate G2 has been enhanced to meet increasing user demand for HPC.

Highlights of XTREME-Stargate G2:

  • Incorporates Intel’s latest CPU architecture. XTREME-Stargate incorporates Intel’s newly released CPU, 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Cascade Lake). With 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors optimized for AI, users will be able to drive life science and Reinforcement Learning studies. XTREME-Stargate IaaS is an ideal platform for calculations with large data sets and heavy logic.
  • Commercial software available through container technology. Guassian16 and GaussView6 which are in high-demand by customers in life science industry are now available in XTREME-Stargate G2. The monthly subscription of Intel Parallel Studio provided by XTREME-DNA will continue to be provided by XTREME-Stargate. We carefully select and package only the software needed for the platform.
  • Pre-installed large datasets. Public data sets necessary for AI / drug discovery such as GenBank by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) are pre-installed in XTREME-Stargate G2. Users can easily access and leverage biopolymers of proteins and three-dimensional structure database into their calculations.

XTREME-Stargate G2 service offers the latest hardware, software, and data sets, which allows users to process their workload immediately. Also, by including Singularity, users can use not only commercial applications but also bring in their workload as BYOE (Bring Your Own Environment) jobs.

In related news, the company’s XTREME DNA service will be merged into XTREME-Stargate G2 for scaling-out to public clouds.

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