CRAG Adopts Pure Storage for Agricultural Genomics

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The Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) in Spain has announced plans to deploy Pure Storage solutions to improve its high performance computing environment. CRAG is dedicated to cutting-edge scientific research in plant and farm animal biology. The new solution ensures the speed, scalability and stability required by CRAG’s scientists to carry out vital research projects.

It was clear that we had to move to a 100 percent flash solution. Other solutions have been adapted to use flash technology, but Pure Storage has been built for flash from the beginning and that’s the big difference,” said Gonzalo Vera, Head of Scientific IT at CRAG. “The most important thing for us is the peace of mind that the solution provides us, because we know that even if we increase the load of the platform, we will not saturate it. We are certain that our storage will not fail.”

CRAG strives to translate the results of its research into benefits for society. It also aims to train the next generation of plant and farm animal scientists, who will play a vital role in helping to address the societal and global challenges of this century. CRAG handles large volumes of data and requires an advanced technical infrastructure. The new solution had a direct impact on the team’s work, providing the IT department with more speed, less latency, new features and above all, reliability.

By deploying the solution from Pure, the bioinformatics service has been able to modernize the infrastructure and provide new capabilities to CRAG scientists to face new challenges in the genomic field,” said Marco Blanco, country manager of Pure Storage in Spain. “Not only that, but with the help of our support team, they are optimizing the solution even more every day,” he concluded.

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