Singularity 3.3.0 Goes GA

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Today Sylabs announced the Generally Available Release of Singularity 3.3.0. As the premier Container platform for performance-sensitive workloads, this release of Singularity focused on quality and stability.

Given the frenetic pace of development, we saw this as an opportunity to double down on quality and stability. Three release candidates later, you can appreciate that the quality and stability objective has been achieved in spades. Kudos to the entire user, developer, and provider community for their collective and substantial efforts in reaching this milestone.


  • Secure UID/GID mappings via user namespaces.
  • A new sif command to allow for the inspection and manipulation of SIF files with the following subcommands.
  • A new oras URI for pushing and pulling SIF files to and from supported OCI registries

Check out the release notes

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