TMGcore to Demonstrate 10X Density Datacenter Technology at SC19

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Today TMGcore announced it is teaming with the datacenter architects at Corgan to reenvision datacenter facilities that are a tenth of the size of data centers today. The groundbreaking technology from TMGcore combined with Corgan’s design and expertise is set to change the way data centers are designed and operated.

Today companies are seeking more data processing, higher densities and quicker deployments, yet the available land has become increasing scarce and cost prohibitive. Users don’t have the space to add the additional data centers to handle the increasing demand,” said John-David Enright, CEO of TMGcore. “We are scaling down the size of the traditional data center without decreasing the processing power, and we’ve partnered with Corgan to offer clients a solution that can be significantly smaller for the same or greater compute capacity and still have the room within to scale up as the needs increase.”

Leveraging the platform’s unparalleled technology, Corgan’s solution unlocks the end user’s ability to tailor and scale their facility. Corgan in partnership with their research and development practice, HUGO, has helped TMGcore explore the implications of a reduced compute footprint and faster deployments.

As TMGcore’s architect, Corgan will help their clients reimagine what a data center might be for them. The platform will allow users to push past the limits of what is easily deployable with traditional data centers. With this new technology’s increased density, data centers can now be deployed in locations that formerly presented challenges due to available land, proximity to other sensitive uses, noise restriction, heat rejection or the demand of other integrated systems. TMGcore’s platform will allow users to utilize trapped infrastructure in existing facilities, as well as add new capacity with reduced footprint impact.

TMGcore and Corgan will unveil the new conceptual designs at SC19 in Denver, November 18-21.

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