Job of the Week: HPC Engineer at Quantlab in Houston

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Quantlab in Houston is seeking an HPC Engineer in our Job of the Week.

We seek to fill the role of an HPC Engineer within our research group in Houston, TX. The highly skilled and experienced individual will be responsible for maintaining the daily throughput of Research jobs in the HPC cluster. This includes all processes related to building the software, executing it and monitoring HPC jobs.

What you’ll do:

  • Maintain all elements associated with source control in GitLab.
  • Support users with Git-associated issues.
  • Maintain and evolve automated processes for building and testing software such as Bamboo, Gitlab pipelines, etc.
  • Responsible for weekly processes for DevOps cycles.
  • Maintain and support system regressions.
  • Augment coverage and testing of software functionality.
  • Upgrade and/or add third party libraries used by software.
  • Monitor software performance using advanced testing and simulation environment.
  • Performance testing as requested to support new features or changes within the software prior to production deployment.
  • Upgrade and maintain suite of compilers used by software, including performance and correctness validation after compiler changes.
  • Interact with IT group to:
    • Troubleshoot any HPC software issues.
    • Help with identifying cluster issues (this is related to network, nodes, file systems and any other elements of the cluster that impacts software runs).
    • Help with procurement of new hardware.
    • Work closely with IT to define the optimal setup for the HPC clusters.
    • Maintain and evolve related systems such as Jenkins.
    • Help troubleshoot Slurm-related issues.
  • Support strategy managers with any software need in relation to its interaction with the cluster, for example, Implied Latency.
  • Develop new Refit software in collaboration with Research.
  • Support development of HPC jobs Monitor.
  • Maintain all artifacts related to releases, compliance (build regressions, system regressions), documentation for compliance, etc.

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