Podcast: Univa Speeds CFD with SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team

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In this podcast, Gary Tyreman from Univa interviews Otmar Szafnauer and Gaétan Didier to learn just how much Univa Grid Engine benefits SportPesa Racing Point Formula One Team.

In a sport that hangs in the complex balance of speed, aerodynamics and the ever-present data, SportPesa Racing Point deserves the best from its computation, which is capped at 25 teraflops. For SportPesa Racing Point, the best is Univa Grid Engine, which manages its CFD cluster up into the 97 percent range at a sustained level. Otmar firmly believes in our technical partnership: “Univa help us with bringing developments and CFD developments to reality faster. So they help with efficiency with our compute power.”

Sportpesa Racing Point also utilizes Univa’s enterprise-class workload scheduling and management solution, Grid Engine, to ensure that the correct simulations are running at the same time, provide the most efficient use of applications, and result in a quick turnaround of work throughput.

We wouldn’t be working with Univa if they didn’t help us. And Univa helped tremendously in making us more efficient in running CFD programs, getting accurate results and getting accurate results very quickly. And because we can get accurate results quickly that means it shortcuts our development of the car and gets us quicker lap times sooner–and that’s invaluable in the sport because that’s what it’s all about.”–Otmar Szafnauer, Team Principal and CEO of SportPesa Racing Point Formula One Team.

Univa and SportPesa Racing Point have a strong partnership. Gaétan describes it as, “a relationship which works well, because we have confidence in the products they are doing, and they are developed to suit our needs…We really feel like we are supported. Univa will straightaway listen to our needs.”

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