2019 Demand for Rescale-managed Cloud HPC Exceeds All Previous Years Combined

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Today Rescale announced  that Cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) has reached a major inflection point, with more server hours consumed this year on the Rescale platform than in all prior years combined in the company’s history. Every major cloud provider now offers integrations with the Rescale platform, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM–as well as new offerings from Google and Oracle announced this week. New FedRAMP security and compliance milestones enhance the signal that mainstream companies can adopt cloud HPC.

Rescale also announced the addition of 170 new customers, including major Fortune 500 customers across a range of verticals including automotive, aerospace, healthcare, defense, energy and IT services. Key additions include Nissan Motor Corporation, AGC, Doosan Heavy Industries, Boom Supersonic, ARC Engines, A^3 by Airbus, LSIS, ISID, and Boeing-backed Aerion Supersonic. Demonstrating cloud HPC has achieved enterprise-class scale and security, a Global Fortune 100 customer is now deployed in production with consumption of over 7M server hours per month.

In 2019, Rescale made significant strides to advance multi-cloud HPC orchestration, security & compliance, enterprise-wide HPC operations, and improved end-user simulation workflows. Highlights include:

  • New hardware integrations with the latest Cloud Service Providers, including AWS (NASDAQ: AMZN), Microsoft Azure HB-series (NASDAQ: MSFT), IBM Cloud –and early availability of Google Cloud Platform (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (NYSE: ORCL). Latest benchmarks show linear scale at levels equivalent to or beating on-premises hardware performance, eliminating the final obstacle to cloud adoption. Multi-cloud HPC ensures that customers can easily adopt the latest hardware technology architectures for running software applications without changing their software or workflow in any way.
  • Significant improvements in security and compliance. Rescale introduced Scalex Government, the first and only managed HPC service listed in the FedRAMP marketplace today. ScaleX Government is built to address diverse compliance requirements for the public sector, including ITAR and/or FedRAMP Moderate impact levels.
  • Comprehensive HPC cost transparency and control, including economics dashboard of spend across project teams, with option to set recommended or enforced budgets. Hierarchical accounts simplify administration for companies with multiple business units.  For improved service quality, Rescale distributes jobs across multiple regions and availability zones to work around cloud provider capacity limitations.
  • Improved end-user simulation workflow and software catalog, including dozens of versions of popular engineering titles. In 2019, Rescale expanded support to over 370 HPC applications, including a strategic partnership with Siemens Simcenter PLM. Additional platform enhancements across cloud providers include data storage for workflows, collaboration, job control, and results visualization.

“As CIOs realize adopting the cloud is crucial to stay competitive, large capital intensive workloads like HPC are natural places to start,” said Rescale CEO Joris Poort. “2019 has been a tremendous growth year for Rescale, as customers realize hardware is finally available from major cloud service providers that rival on-premises infrastructure cost and performance. Our customers benefit from the speed and agility of the latest hardware technologies and cloud provider infrastructure, in addition to the full stack automation, SLA, and economic controls that only Rescale provides.”

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