Call for Abstracts: 19th Workshop on High Performance Computing in Meteorology

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The 19th Workshop on High Performance Computing in Meteorology has issued its Call for Abstracts. With a theme entitled “Towards Exascale Computing in Numerical Weather Prediction, the ECMWF event takes place September 14-18 in Bologna, Italy.

The workshop will consist of keynote talks from invited speakers, 20-30 minute presentations, a panel discussion and a visit to the new data centre. Our aim is to provide a forum where users from our Member States and around the world can report on recent experience and achievements in the field of high performance computing; plans for the future and requirements for computing power will also be presented.

High performance computer architectures are becoming ever more complex, which presents significant challenges for the ongoing development of operational meteorological applications, themselves highly dependent on computing capability. ECMWF’s new high-performance computing facility will be installed at the Tecnopolo di Bologna in 2020. For the first time ECMWF’s data centre will be separated from its headquarters and the Centre will function as a multi-site organisation. To mark this occasion, the 19th workshop on high performance computing in meteorology will take place in Bologna.

We invite presentations addressing the following topics:

  • International Exascale efforts in NWP
  • Progress in HPC scalability
  • Using AI and Big Data
  • Hardware news

Submissions are due May 18, 2020.

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