HPC User Forum to Explore AI-HPDA Use In Banking and Investment Firms

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Today Hyperion Research announced high-profile speakers from major banking and investment firms will highlight the agenda at the next HPC User Forum. Thomas Thurston, CTO of WR Hambrecht Ventures, and Brad Spiers, executive director at JP Morgan Chase will deliver keynote talks at the event, which takes place March 30-April 1 in Princeton, New Jersey.

Thomas Thurston

Thomas Thurston will speak about using high-performance computing (HPC)-enabled AI to guide investment strategies for finding and funding startups. Spiers will discuss the use of big data to provide security and customer insights, according to Earl Joseph, CEO of Hyperion Research, the HPC market analyst firm that organizes the meetings on behalf of the HPC User Forum Steering Committee. The worldwide committee includes representatives of leading HPC user organizations in government, industry and academia.

Thomas Thurston is chief technology officer and a partner at WR Hambrecht Ventures, the investment arm of global banking firm WR Hambrecht & Co. Thurston is a venture capitalist who developed the MESE computing system and uses data science to identify disruptive growth companies. Formerly, he used data science to guide growth investments at Intel and led a joint R&D effort at the Harvard Business School to develop predictive statistical models for early stage innovation.

Brad Spiers

Brad Spiers is executive director at JP Morgan Chase. He has nearly twenty years of experience in solving hard problems by marrying hardware and software. This pattern began by bringing GPUs to Wall Street, starting in 2003. He has extensive experience in cloud security, cloud infrastructure, grid infrastructure, HPC and system design.

The HPC User Forum meeting will also feature talks by U.S. and international experts on exascale computing and architectures, massive-scale analytics, AI for cyber operations, cancer research, fusion energy, seismology, HPC for small businesses, cloud computing, and quantum computing, along with technical updates from HPC vendors.

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