PASC20 talk to explore Data Landscapes to Rescue Species from Extinction

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Dalia Conde, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and Director of Science at Species360

Today PASC20 announced that this year’s Public Lecture will be presented by Dalia Conde, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and Director of Science at Species360. The lecture will focus on her team’s efforts in fighting one of the greatest current concerns of our global community: biodiversity loss.

The escalating power of machine learning, big data and exascale computing positions computer scientists with critical methods needed to resolve one of humanity’s greatest challenges as identified by the World Economic Forum 2020: biodiversity loss. The design and implementation of species conservation strategies directly rely on accessing a high variety and volumes of information on species’ genetics, habitat, threats and human use. Despite promising advances in digital infrastructure and open data, we are still struggling to provide essential analytics for effective decision-making. In this keynote talk, we will unveil the results of a global initiative aiming to map, quantify and disseminate species open information to conservation policymakers globally. By developing partnerships to map information and generate development platforms, workflows and storage between open biodiversity repositories, we will outline how computational methods can be applied to novel scientific domains.

Dalia Conde is the Director of Science at Species360 (a leading data-driven conservation NGO) and Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark. Conde completed a PhD in Ecology at Duke University before launching the Conservation Demography section at the world-renowned Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. Her work has been published in Science and PNAS, and Spiegel, Le Monde and National Geographic have reported on her efforts to save species from extinction. Passionate about the power of open data and high-performance computing, Conde collaborates with a broad network of scientists, zoos, aquariums, conservation organizations and policymakers to revolutionize evidence based animal welfare and conservation globally.

PASC20 takes place June 30 – July 1 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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