Video: Nimbus Data Unveils Next-Generation Storage OS and All-Flash Array

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Today Nimbus Data announced an all-new solid state storage operating system (Nimbus Data AFX), all-new enterprise support program (Tectonic), and new all-flash array (ExaFlash One).

With its versatility, federated architecture, and multi-tenant management capabilities, Nimbus Data AFX is a well-conceived solid state storage platform for dense enterprise workload consolidation,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president in the Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC. “Its ability to support different access methods, protocols, persistent media types, and granularly-configurable data services lets customers configure the storage to meet a wide variety of different application requirements in the same, centrally managed system.”

New workload requirements demand a forward-looking storage architecture focused on versatility, QoS, and scalability. Nimbus Data AFX, designed from the ground-up for solid state storage, is a next- generation operating system and management platform focused on these three priorities.

  • Versatility: AFX supports over a dozen block, file, and object protocols on one platform. This eliminates silos, simplifies capacity planning, and improves storage utilization with global data reduction across all data types. AFX is optimized for a broad range of solid state technology, including flash and storage-class memory using NVMe and SAS interfaces.
  • QoS: AFX offers unrivaled QoS capabilities. Inline data services like deduplication, compression, checksums, thin provisioning, and encryption can be enabled or disabled individually. This ensures that performance and utilization are always optimized for a given workload, avoiding the costly alternative of purchasing multiple storage arrays.
  • Scalability: AFX features a federated architecture that scales by adding redundant arrays as needed, without cluster-wide metadata nor a backend network fabric. This approach offers superior resiliency, lower cost, and more consistent performance. Web-based management provides one pane of glass for administering the entire storage infrastructure.

Nimbus Data Tectonic support program: A New Way Forward for Enterprise Storage

More than ever, a powerful data storage infrastructure is a strategic advantage. However, existing enterprise storage arrays remain proprietary and expensive, with inflated capacity costs, escalating support fees, costly hardware refreshes, and an often tedious sales process. Nimbus Data Tectonic represents a complete rethinking of the entire enterprise storage experience, from initial customer engagement to support and operations. Nimbus Data Tectonic offers:

More than just another ‘as a Service’ plan, Nimbus Data is offering a comprehensive but simple solution for high-performance primary storage,” stated Eric Slack, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group. “What’s unique about Tectonic is what it doesn’t include – the high-margin SSDs that we typically see from primary storage system vendors. Nimbus Data provides one premium class of support, free controller upgrades, all-inclusive software, and gives customers the choice to supply their own qualified SSDs.”

ExaFlash One: The Enterprise Flash Array for Everyone

Powered by Nimbus Data AFX and backed by Tectonic, ExaFlash One is the enterprise flash array for every organization. ExaFlash One delivers 99.999% availability, with active-active controllers and non- disruptive software updates. It delivers up to 12 GBps and 2 million IOps with Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand connectivity. ExaFlash One supports up to 768 TB raw in one 2U system (up to 5 PB effective after data reduction). Customers have the freedom to populate the array with qualified SSDs while maintaining their support benefits, avoiding the excessive markups imposed by legacy vendors.

ExaFlash One all-flash arrays, powered by AFX and backed by Tectonic, are generally available now starting at $10,000.

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