Innovations in Simulation, HPC, Big Data and AI at Teratec Digital Forum 2020 — Oct. 13-14

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On October 13 and 14, the digital version of the next Teratec Forum will present a review of the latest international advances in simulation, HPC, Big Data and AI.

The virtual exhibition will present the latest technologies from nearly 50 exhibitors, including manufacturers and publishers, suppliers and integrators of hardware, software and services solutions, universities and research laboratories, centers of excellence, competence centers, European research projects, infrastructures and service platforms. “Visitors wishing to deepen their knowledge, to attend demonstrations and be advised by experts will be able to arrange for personalized appointments throughout the forum,” the show organizers said.

Conference participants will include Thierry Breton, European Commissioner; Florence Parly, French Minister of the Armed Forces; Trish Damkroger, Vice President, Intel Data Center Group; Kevin D. Kissel, CTO, Google, as well as French and European industry leaders, according to a conference announcement.

“During the technical and application workshops, renowned international experts and industrialists will explain how they developed and implemented these innovative technologies on main themes of the digital twin in medicine, quantum computing, satellite data serving the environment, AI and scientific computing, cloud computing and HPC, as well as Exascale,” the organizers said.

Finally, the Numerical Simulation and AI Trophies will be awarded  to a project or company for an outstanding operation in the field of numerical simulation, HPC, Big Data or AI. Along with the five annual trophies, the conference has added an exceptional prize in the field COVID-19 for a product, technology or service providing an effective solution in the management or recovery from a health crisis.

The conference registration form can be found here.