MBX Debuts Reference Platforms for Mixed Reality Deployments

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Libertyville, IL  – MBX Systems, a manufacturer of purpose-built and deployment-ready hardware devices for technology companies, today unveiled a line of portable and rackmount reference platforms optimized to deliver next-generation fidelity and performance for mixed reality applications. The new MBX Varion systems are sized to support a variety of training needs, utilize NVIDIA GPUs and Intel CPUs to push image generation and execution speed, and seamlessly connect to the market-leading head-mounted displays.

Building on MBX’s expertise in engineering and manufacturing hardware for military and civilian training and simulation use cases, the new pre-built, pre-engineered platforms enable turnkey deployments for immersive flight, vehicle, weapons and medical training systems. Benefits include:

  • A choice of cube, mid-tower and 4U form factors (Varion G1-MDT3, Varion G1-MDT4 and Varion G1-MT8, respectively) offering a range of storage capacities for different use cases as well as support for training environments ranging from remote ad hoc classrooms to large training facilities
  • Cutting-edge rendering with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 30 Series of GPUs, with reports of up to a 25% performance improvement on rasterization-based applications, 45% improvement on ray tracing applications, and 30% improvement in hybrid rasterization/ray tracing applications that can produce more accurate rendering of complex light conditions
  • Improved immersive experiences with Intel Z490 chipsets and 10 th Generation Intel Core processors, Thunderbolt 3, PCIe 4.0, and DDR4 memory
  • Thunderbolt and USB ports for connectivity to Varjo, Valve Index and other industry-leading head-mounted displays
  • Optional customization to integrate the ideal component combination for the customer’s specific mixed reality use case

MBX also offers the industry’s most extensive portfolio of value-added engineering and hardware management services, including the ability to:

  • Provide government-compliant component sourcing to meet the requirements of Section 889 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation prohibiting the use of telecommunications products from banned Chinese technology or surveillance companies
  • Supply environmental testing for temperature, noise and shock/vibration to fit the use case
  • Customize headsets with components from select partners, such as camera brackets and headphones, in order to bring real-world clarity to the simulated setting
  • Ensure hardware longevity and timely platform refreshes with platform engineering using manufacturers’ component roadmaps, advance component purchase services to ensure availability, and point-and-click access to EOL dates for all components in MBX Hatch, a proprietary toolset offering industry-first 24/7/365 visibility of real-time engineering, manufacturing and supply chain information

MBX will be exhibiting its mixed reality reference platforms at vIITSEC 2020 from Nov. 30-Dec. 4. Full details about MBX’s mixed reality reference architectures are available at https://www.mbx.com/mixed- reality/

source: MBX