SC Test of Time Outstanding Paper Award: Nominations Open March 12

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Nominations for the SC Conference’s annual Test of Time Award (ToTA), given for “an outstanding paper that has deeply influenced the HPC discipline,” open today, March 12, and close Monday, May 15.

Nominations can be submitted SC submissions website. The ToTA goes to a single paper appearing in the SC Program 10 to 25 years prior to the current conference year, and a paper can receive the award only once.

SC organizers said ToTA spotlights “a mark of historical impact and recognition that the paper has changed HPC trends. The ToTA also acts as an incentive for researchers and students to send their best work to the SC Conference, and as a tool for understanding what makes lasting results in the HPC discipline.”

Past Test of Time Awardees include:

  • SC20: The BlueGene/L Team (114 authors), accepted by Jose Moreira and Jeffrey S. Vetter, “An Overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer” (published at SC2002)
  • SC19: Vasily Volkov and James Demmel, “Benchmarking GPUs to Tune Dense Linear Algebra” (published at SC08)
  • SC18: John Salmon and Mike Warren, “A Parallel Hashed Oct-Tree N-Body Algorithm” (published at SC93)
  • SC17: Michael Wolfe, “More Iteration Space Tiling” (published at SC89)
  • SC16: Jack Dongarra and Clint Whaley, “Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software” (published at SC98)
  • SC15: D. Bailey, E. Barszcz, J. Barton, D. Browning, R. Carter, L. Dagum, R. Fatoohi, P. Frederickson, T. Lasinski, R. Schreiber, H. Simon, V. Venkatakrishnan, and S. Weeratunga, “The NAS Parallel Benchmarks – Summary and Preliminary Results” (published at SC91)
  • SC14: Bruce Hendrickson and Rob Leland, “A Multi-level Algorithm for Partitioning Graphs” (published at SC95)
  • SC13: William Pugh, “The Omega Project and Constraint Based Analysis Techniques in High Performance Computing” (published at SC91)

The nomination form includes a statement (maximum 250 words) describing why the paper should be nominated, including its impact and influence on trends in HPC. In addition, you must upload the full paper in PDF format.

A committee formed each year by the General Conference Chair and the Technical Program Chair selects the award winner. The winner is announced in September before the SC Conference. The ToTA winner receives a certificate, plaque, and a cash prize.

On Tuesday, Nov. 16 at the SC Conference (to be held in St. Louis Nov. 14-19), the author(s) or an expert are invited to give a talk at the Test of Time Award Presentation explaining the significance and impact the paper has had in HPC. In addition, the award winner is invited to attend the Thursday Awards Ceremony, at which they will be recognized.