AMD Collaborates with EuroCC to Support HPC across EMEA

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July 12, 2021 — The EU-funded EuroCC project, which has a goal to create a common high level understanding in the fields of HPC, HPDA and artificial intelligence (AI), recently met HPC experts from AMD to discuss how AMD technology can help EuroCC achieve its goals.

“We are happy to have AMD come and talk to EuroCC members within the frame of the EuroCC and CASTIEL projects. By opening our conversations up to technology vendors, we can support all the participating 33 nations in strengthening their competences in the latest HPC technology and kick off individual interactions with the vendors”, says Bastian Koller, project coordinator of EuroCC.

“The EuroCC undertaking provides a welcome framework in which HPC experts can communicate consistently across a significant number of HPC centres within Europe,” said Jason Hogan O’Neill, director, HPC Centre of Excellence, AMD. “We look forward to showing EuroCC and its supporting countries how high-performance AMD EPYC processors and AMD Instinct Accelerators can help in fulfilling its goals.”

The EuroCC is establishing National Competence Centres (NCC) for HPC in each of the 33 participating countries. Each NCC will survey and track activities and competencies in high performance computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence within their respective countries.

AMD and EuroCC worked together with NCCs from multiple countries to host a joint workshop that provided the starting point for EuroCC members to engage with AMD, while learning more about how AMD technologies can support their goals.

As an ongoing focus, EuroCC and the NCCs plan to continue engagements with AMD and other technology providers to continue the advance of HPC capabilities and understanding across the region.